Spartak Vasilev Sales Спартак продажби


My story began when I was 18 years old when I started to become a successful software developer. I was young, energetic and “hungry” young man with a huge will for success.

I studied at the most prestigious specialty in the most elite university in the country – the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University. I was surrounded by many of the best mathematicians, software developers, and Olympians in Computer science in the world and I, being in such environment, had the opportunity to choose the most attracting career path.

I was super enthusiastic and motivated by the world of technology and software. I had this goal of becoming a technological entrepreneur and to invent something revolutionizing and life-changing which will change the status quo.

Frankly, I felt special at that time. I knew that I’m not like the others. I knew that I am gifted with this life to do epic things.

Of course, at that time, I had no idea what these things would be, but I knew they will be unique.

Sooner I started working in a really great American software company which develops the cutting edge technology in their niche ( and still do ). This company works on a world class products and services for Virtualization and Data storage, which are used by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google by themselves!

It was a real dream job!

It was that perfect moment for me to be there when most of the companies on the market were searching for such proactive and well-educated people to work for them. And they paid a lot of money for them.

In my early 20’s I had achieved the dream of the majority of young people – to have a well-paid and prestigious job in a great corporation.

There were great corporate opportunities in front of me.

But what happened then completely changed my point of view of my life and goals.

I was working every day, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM. The work itself was monotonous and not so challenging – writing code, fixing bugs, writing new code, writing tests for it and then fixing the new bugs. Every day, for 8+ hours/day. And then I was going back home and was doing the same. That was my life for over 20 months.

And through that whole time, I was working as a programmer in the company, the business aspect of the job was always more attractive to me. I didn’t know why but I realized this only after I began my career path in the company. I was always more interested in the client’s needs rather than the code itself. I was interested in that closed partnership and how it’s done.

Despite all of that, I just couldn’t get to the business side of the profession. Because I was just a programmer.

I was feeling miserable in my dream job!

And then something happened. Something that showed me a different path of development for me. A way which reveals unexpected opportunities and freedom for me to do the things I’ve always had a passion for.

I had the amazing luck to reach out to a few people who actually showed me what I am capable of. A few people who were among the best in their profession and who taught me that the basis of every project and business is something called sales. Sales are the way to develop every idea in this world.

I was fascinated by this and decided to do massive actions to go deep into this.

I started to examine the art of selling and to improve my personal and professional skills with extraordinary speed, starting to realize and applying this knowledge in my everyday life. I was attending every major sales and business event in the country. I was sharing an experience with successful salespeople and with people who don’t even know that they sell constantly.

And at the end of the day, all the information was leading me to specific skills, principles, strategies, and tactics which guarantee the success in sales.

The only way to grow and learn is when you are around smarter and more successful people than you.
And the more I learned and practiced, the more I recognized the mistakes people did, including entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business people. And this was driving me crazy.

I was observing what they were doing, how they were doing it and I even knew why they were doing it. And I knew what could I do for them and what they could do for themselves in order to increase their results.

I found that something different happened to me. Something that I don’t want to happen to anyone. I was holding back my skills, passion, and potential for years, trying to give my best to a mission which wasn’t mine. When my passion was in sales. This was boggling me and I couldn’t stand still and watch how different individuals and businesses couldn’t use their full potential.

Soon after that moment, I quit my job as a programmer and then my real progress in sales began. I started to work with individuals and small businesses on how to increase their sales, achieving better results by more than 800%.

In a sudden, I started helping more and more people to have more revenues from sales. I was helping them to realize that they are capable of more and more and this gives me huge pleasure.

It seems that I unleashed their potential. The same potential who was shown to me from these few people years ago.

It was better than anything!

I felt that my mission is to help others to develop and use one of the most valuable skills – to sell. To show them that everything is possible, to show them that they can do everything.

And why did I told you my story?

If you ask me now if I could go back in time and help the confused Spartak 5 years ago to understand the things I know now… the answer is YES.

I would do that with pleasure and I would tell him that everything is possible. I would tell him that sales could get him to the point where he wants to be.

To be a sales professional is the ultimate job. The ultimate job that is a combination of soft and hard skills that gives you unlimited opportunities for growth.

With my story, I wanted to tell you that you can be successful in everything if you can sell it to people.

Believe me, if I can, you can do it too!

Please allow me to help you to make your ideas come true.

That way you will make my dream come true as well.