One of the most valuable asset in the new decade (and in future) is, without a doubt, the time.

Have you thought about it? We don’t even know how valuable is time for us. What is time for us and what we are ready to do to get a few hours, minutes or even seconds more?

Just remember last time you were stuck in traffic and waste 2 hours in that traffic jam doing nothing. Just remember the last time you were waiting for someone for a meeting and he/she was late. Think about how pissed off you were when your phone/laptop/device was a second slower than a few months ago. Most of my friends are always looking for the best performing and premium devices out there and like a magic, they start considering buying a new device when a bit of a slow down is noticed.

That’s how much we love time. Time is money and money is time. And both money and time are correlated to sales.

Figure it out how you can give more time to people. Think about how you can save time to people. And then sell it.


Don’t sell the product, sell the time.


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Spartak Vasilev – Sales Leader, Author, Investor

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