Simeon Dimitrov is a seasoned leader, with experience in value, added sales & consulting, business development, sales processes, and programs in multinational companies. Currently is leading strategic customer engagements in the technology business, helping customers maximize the value of their business processes and guide them through their digital journey.


What are your favorite questions to ask prospects?

Answer: Why you have decided / What has driven you to invite us to the conversation today? It helps me to open the conversation in a bit more relaxing way, understand if the person on the other side is briefed why we are here and also use some feedback on our technics for approaching prospects ( usually people answer very openly ).


What do you think? What role does social media play in your selling process in your IT Technology company?

Social media is an extremely powerful tool in today’s online world and plays a significant role in building an image of every company. Building a professional image of trust and proficiency, sharing openly success of other customers are very good references for opening new business doors.

Companies would like to trust partners they would like to business with and the transparency, which social media enables is contributing significantly for this. Of course, it made the business much harder, as you don’t have an option for mistake.


Have you ever asked a prospect who didn’t buy from you to explain why you lost the deal? What did they say, and what did you learn from that

Feedback at the end of business opportunities is quite often. It’s another question, whether you will receive the real reason for choosing the competition. Price and solution potential usually comes at the top of the scale. Many times, the decision of choosing one or another partner is not always in your power. You might have done everything perfectly and still, lose a deal. Important here is not to take it too personally and keep looking forward. Ask for feedback and review if you can use any of it to make your next deal successful.


Did you have an objection you had trouble overcoming? How did you finally move the deal forward?

Often there are challenges when working with customers and very often you are in a situation, where you cannot move forward. My personal advice is to be transparent, emphasize why you are here and don’t overpromise. Keep in mind ‘’Your words is your vow ‘’ and share openly if you think something it will not work. Having and keeping integrity in business negotiation wins respect and potentially will open new opportunities in the future if this one is not going forward.


What’s your least favorite part of the sales process?

Administration, but without it, there will be no closure. Therefore I learn to enjoy it.


Describe your ideal sales manager.

A trustworthy person with integrity, who is looking to solve my problems and build common success. Not sure if ideal, but definitely someone I would like to do business with.


What core values should every salesperson possess?

I think I have added most of them as answers to my questions above, but I would also add consistency, authentically and positivity. The first helps you keep your focus on the goal and the second and third helps you build a better relationship with people.


What do you need to do every day if you want to get better at sales?

Read news. You would need to have topics to talk with your prospects before you get into the details of the business deal. Your common culture is as important as your knowledge of your products/services. Also smoothens every casual talk and makes a first good impression.


What closes the gap between the high and low performance of a sales rep?

Take the part, which makes the ideal success manager and add 40-50 % luck. As I said, not always the success is dependent on you.


How to create healthy culture between Sales and Non-Sales.

For answering this question, we might need an additional interview.

The first thing coming to my mind is to ensure, there is no separation between front and back office and there is ‘’One common success’’, where each part is equally important.

Also, keeping egos low, at least internally, might be an additional factor to benefit the healthy environment.


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