The amounts and the value of money are underestimated by almost all of the society. What it can do for you, the problems it can solve, the leverage it can get you, how people treat you when you have it. The power of money is highly underestimated today. To make money is even considered as something bad.

We all know people with the “money-is-not-everything” mindset. “Money is not gonna make me happy”, “I have more money than people in Africa” – nothing of this make sense if you have the potential to sell more. You know this is true.

You should start thinking about taking your finances from the level you are to the level you and your family deserve to be.


Get your money mentally right. If you are satisfied, if you are happy where are you financially, why would you sell anything else? Let’s face it – you get paid to sell things, you get paid to close deals, you get paid to follow up. If you have a great product if you have great service and you know you could be making more money and you are not, get that fixed.

The first thing to becoming a millionaire is to make the decision to get your money right. Today if you have 50 000 in your bank account you are broke.

Have you ever heard of a reach man complaining about his working hours? Have you heard of a reach man complaining about his health care? Do you know what all rich people have in common?


They know how to sell.


It’s not about cold calls, it’s not about meetings, it’s not even the attitude.


Strive for more and learn to sell. Learn to sell and you can go anywhere.


Think about it. This is already а must-have skill ( like coding ).

Even buyers have to know how to sell. Every buyer has to sell – even if you want to get a loan you have to sell to the bank.

So read the blog and learn how to do it.

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Spartak Vasilev – Sales Leader, Author, Investor

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