Picture this – you are in the elevator, the door is open up and Jeff Bezos (already the richest man on Earth) walks in. He has a briefcase full of money and he says he heard you have a great business idea. You are on the 7th floor and before you reach the bottom you need to convince him to invest in your business, you need to give the perfect Elevator Pitch.


The so-called “Elevator Pitch” is the moment (a short conversation) when you need to quickly explain your idea/business to an interested investor or potential client. Whether you are at a networking event or you just know somebody who can help your company or idea to grow, you will get the question “Tell me about yourself/who you are?”, “What is your idea about?” or “What do you do for a living?” and this why the Elevator Pitch is created for.  They don’t teach you how to pitch in high school or college so pay attention to this critical point in your career. It can take you to the next level or kill your idea.

In practice you typically have less than 30 seconds to leave an impactful and exciting impression with whomever you come in contact with. When you have your 20 sec pitch you can start building your 3, 5 or 10 min pitches but start with the shortest one. And you need at least few different pitches depends on what you do and who you talking to. You need different pitches for HR managers and for Sales Managers. You need different pitches for a future customer and for the CEO of a company.


So what are the key elements of the perfect pitch?



The Elevator Pitch must be clear and compelling.


What do you want them to remember? Think about it. What is your massive claim? Explain what do you do better than others?

The pitch is not about asking questions! You have to get the attention (check out how you can do this by email). Oversell your idea. Make it huge. You are not gonna have a closed deal on your pitch and drop the mic but what you want to do is to set a hook in the person.


Important points to remember about pitching:
  • Forget that someone will steal your idea. Nobody cares about the idea – people want results and money.
  • You are never pitching the product! What is that thing they get?
  • Your clothes must make you feel confident in yourself.
  • You are the most valuable product you can sell. You have to get a tight pitch on exactly who you are and exactly what you can provide somebody.

I will show you exactly how to craft your own pitch in my next post. How to build that tight and powerful pitch you can use.



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The pitch from Spartak Vasilev

Spartak Vasilev – Sales Leader, Author, Investor

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