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5 (Personal) Reasons to be a salesperson

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Being a volunteer is unique and challenging experience for every young person and very few “get on the boat” and dedicate their time, money and knowledge for the cause. One of the hardest part as a volunteer in an NGO is Fundraising and Sales. This is the most dynamic field you can participate in and I will tell you why. These are top 5 reasons to sell volunteering


Reason 1 – Sales people have no “time management” problems

You can’t afford it. If you are late for your meeting most probably you will not close that deal. If you don’t call the prospect when you have to(or even earlier) most probably you are late and you will not make it on time. Poor results lead to quitting/leaving as a salesperson.


Reason 2 – Self Responsibility

The quality to hold yourself responsible for your actions and words is inevitable when you sell. The consequences of your promises will catch you up sooner or later and your reputation relies on them.


Reason 3 – Get every opportunity

A really good salesperson does not miss an opportunity to start a conversation (not only with the prospect), to meet an old customer or to visit networking event (even if it’s not top priority to be there). Trust me, this will lead not only to a faster closing/good first impression of you but to many new business and personal opportunities. To be open minded and proactive is always good for every sales rep.



Reason 4 – You will get/stay fit

Good quality of life is critical for salespeople and their results. The level of your lifestyle reflects in your attitude, confidence and look. Don’t forget that the first thing you sell is yourself so make sure that you sell THE BEST product.


Reason 5 – The art of listening

People have 2 ears and 1 mouth so try to keep the listening/speaking ratio when selling the same. You will be amazed how much people can tell you about themselves and their challenges at work if you ask the right questions and have the time to listen them. Even if you think you know the solution of the problem it is still better to ask rather to speak. The assumption is the best reason to ask your customer.


To sum up, being a salesperson can dramatically improve your life and it is a great start of your career.


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Spartak Vasilev sales Спартак продажбиSpartak Vasilev teaches leaders and organizations how to sell their products and services. Author and Blogger he is unshakable optimist striving for a better sales community. Currently he is Vice President B2B of AIESEC Bulgaria.


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