Spartak Vasilev Sales Спартак продажби

Building sales community and shaping the next generation of sales leaders through knowledge sharing and educational content.


Whether you are Sales executive at International corporation or freelancer who sell his own product or service, my blog has something for you.
This is the platform for sales leaders who want to showcase their know-how.
In this platform you will find actionable articles from top sales experts about B2B and B2C sales, Market Development, Sales Opt and Sales Leadrship.
You can develop your skills and crafts by learning from mine and their experience and good case practices.



Spartak Vasilev Sales Спартак продажби

I’m Spartak Vasilev, unshakable optimist who teach leaders and organizations how to sell their products and services. My mission is to develop sales community in Bulgaria and to be helpful with my experience in sales. Currently I’m Vice President B2B of AIESEC Bulgaria