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Your clothes, your lifestyle

Spartak Vasilev sales | Спартак продажби

You can’t make first impression twice. People judge you in the first milliseconds when they see you. So let’s see how to dress like a person worth listening to. How to make that trustworthy first impression. There are three professional clothing styles which are appropriate and recommended:

  1. Formal business clothing shows professionalism. Clean and tidy suit and tie or a bit more casual style.
  2. Uniforms shows you are a part of a stable professional organization/company.
  3. The same clothes as the employees in that company/lyfestyle. Works perfectly on meetings.


If you have any consideration about what you wearing, kick it up a notch. There is nothing wrong with looking good. Looking like a professional will never hurt you. People will choose to give their attention to a person in suit rather than a casual looking “guy”. In addition to that you as a salesman will establish yourself as an expert much faster (in the first few seconds (but it depends on other qualities as well)) than usual .

Conclusion : dress well, be confident in yourself and close the deal. Check out how to get the attention of your prospects and what is the number 1 rule in sales.


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